This page contains explanations of how to submit the solvers as well as formal requirements to participate in the competition.


The competitors first need to declare their interest to submit their solver and participate to the competition (by February 15 2019). Potential participants are invited to send an email to The mail should indicate name and affiliations of each team member, name of the solver and the tasks that the solver will be able to handle.
Possible additional (intermediate) deadlines and representative AFs benchmarks will be communicated to registered participants.

Submission procedure

At a second step (by March 15 2019), the competitors need to upload their solver description by using the EasyChair style (2-4 pages). During the submission procedure, they also need to provide a public or private repository link to their solver, on Docker Hub. This link points to the Docker image of the solver that will be tested in the competition. If the link is public, it has to be reported in the system description to be submit via easychair.